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Our Vision, Mission, and Values

The B5 Foundation (B5F) provides California home health care workers, veterans, re-entry and other underserved populations with cost-free culinary arts training, college access mentoring and sustaining assistance in times of need. B5F provides a proven, well-documented means to provide employment training and the support necessary for growth and economic opportunity for underserved communities. Through our best-in-class culinary training, college access mentoring, and food assistance, the B5 Foundation provides a creative portal to help underserved populations gain knowledge, skills, and abilities while still maintaining employment, and/or searching for new opportunities.

Our programs create respect, dignity, independence, and self-sufficiency for both participants and for the sick, elderly, disabled, veterans, human trafficking survivors and re-entry populations. This is accomplished by training those who serve these populations in the home healthcare industry and beyond.

The B5 Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are based in San Diego, California.


The B5 Foundation will create a unique environment where the sick, elderly and disabled are immersed in the fabric of our care, thereby becoming integral segments constituting the well-being of society.


The B5 Foundation is motivated and committed – in conjunction with our community partners – to create a path for respect, dignity, independence, and self sufficiency for the sick, elderly, disabled, veterans, human trafficking survivors and also re-entry populations.


The B5 Foundation pursues 5 “B” values to achieve our goals:

  • BEGIN: Begin again by developing a path to independence, self-sufficiency and offering a second chance.
  • BELONG: Belong to your community. We develop relationships resulting in a multi-faceted fabric between community and society.
  • BELIEVE: Believe in yourself! We show how motivation and commitment can be used for unlimited positive change.
  • BECOME: Become a great citizen! We help our populations develop and grow into a more productive citizens.
  • BEYOND: Move beyond your problems. We envision and embrace the future with new beginnings, helping our populations move beyond their current issues.

Our Roots

B5 Foundation was started based on identified needs recognized by leadership from the United Domestic Workers of America based on years of experience working with home health care workers and underserved populations. UDWA identified the need for additional training to provide income opportunities for home health care workers who have low wages and often experience periods of time without a client. As a result of a unique partnership, B5F is able to provide college access mentoring for a cost-free education to home health care workers who are members, or family, of UDWA. Additionally, from time to time, home health care workers need sustaining support and the B5 Foundation works to meet these requirements. It is the mission of the B5 Foundation to extend these transformative services to home health care worker and other underserved populations so that they can regain hope and see the opportunity of life.

The B5 Foundation serves adults, youth, veterans, human trafficking survivors and re-entry populations of various backgrounds who have suffered due to a lack of opportunity, which may include informal training, formal training, formal education, and economic advancement. Understanding that the playing field is not level for all segments of society or all employment sectors, The B5 Foundation strives to provide opportunities for those in need. The B5 Foundation provides most of the books and supplies for the culinary arts program plus the necessary administrative and related support services. There is no cost to participants for the theory and practice curriculum.

Prospective program participants are referred by UDWA, partnering high schools, regional occupational centers, and re-entry organizations. As participants, each person is eligible to each of the program offerings. The B5 Foundation will work with partner agencies and schools to assist their populations to gain the training, college access mentoring and the sustaining support they need to be successful in obtaining economic opportunity. Already in 2017, B5F has provided culinary arts and hospitality training to 66 individuals through a twelve-month training curriculum that includes theory and practice. See more on our Program page.

In 2018, the B5 Foundation will also begin outreach to San Diego area high schools to inform guidance counselors, students, and parents about the college access mentoring program which offers access to a cost-free associates degree through a partnering institution. Eligible students will be trained through a partnering organization to provide home health care, placed into the UDWA matching program and have the opportunity to earn a wage while attending college. The B5 Foundation will also work to create employment partnerships with Molina and Kaiser for students participating in the program.

Get Involved!

There are 2 great ways to get involved. Volunteers are always appreciated, from serving food to participating in our culinary arts training programs, to office help. In addition, we can use donations of any size, small or large. The B5 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID# 81-5259849). Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please contact us or call us at (619) 581-0449 for further details!

For more information, or to support the goals of the B5 Foundation, please contact us.

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(Note: The B5 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID# 81-5259849). Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.)


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